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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find grants and loans in California?

The California Grants Portal (a project by the California State Library) is your one destination to find all grants and loans offered on a competitive or first-come basis by California state agencies.

When to enter awarding and funding office in FPDs?

All agencies are required to enter an awarding and funding office in FPDS per FAR 4.603. The change that you will see in FPDS beginning April 1, 2016, is to the format of these codes, per FAR 4.605, and perhaps the names of the offices, depending on your agency implementation.

Where can I find my employer ID number?

The Employer ID Numbers (EINs) webpage provides specific information on applying for an EIN, making a change in the application for an EIN, or canceling an EIN. The Tax Information for Retirement Plans webpage provides information for Retirement Plans Community, Benefits Practitioner, Plan Participant/Employee and Plan Sponsor/Employer.

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