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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Caltrans award grants to Sta?

Caltrans typically holds calls for projects for these grants once per year. In 2017, STA was awarded a $350,000 Sustainable Communities grant for the Solano Active Transportation Plan. Provides funding for local safety projects that will reduce crashes and fatalities on public roadways.

How does the state of California fund transportation?

Several transportation-related grant programs are funded by a State of California program known as cap and trade. Large polluting electrical plants, industrial plants, and electrical distributors are required to purchase carbon credits through an auction format that specifies the amount of pollutants the plant may emit.

How much money does Sta get from TIRCP?

In 2018, STA recently received $10 million in funding from TIRCP for improvements to the SolanoExpress system . In the most recent cycle of TIRCP, STA was awarded $10.4 million in funding for improvements to regional transit facilities, including:

What's the name of the stage of startup funding?

This stage can last for a long time or you can get pre-series funding in quick time. It depends on the nature of your startup and the initial costs that you must consider while developing the business model. The pre-seed funding stage is commonly known as bootstrapping.

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