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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services of the funding suite?

Services offered include individual and merged reports from all three credit repositories, multiple credit scoring models, and custom credit scoring plans and tools as well as updates, verifications, supplemental lien and judgment reports ordered through our proprietary, secure Funding Suite platform.

Is the Covius funding suite available for cloud?

Funding Suite is available for Cloud. Covius’ Funding Suite® solution offers a comprehensive range of credit, verification and fraud solutions.

What can I do with the Finance Suite?

Through the finance suite you can access merchant accounts to accept credit cards from your customers, even if you are high risk and even if you’ve been turned down before. If you have an account now, we can even help you secure a backup account or get a new account with lower rates and less fees.

How does credit suite help you build credit?

Credit Suite decodes credit issuer and lender approval requirements, so you’ll be able to get automated approvals when you apply for credit, instead of getting denied or facing an uphill battle with manual underwriting reviews. We do this by providing you these unique benefits in the first step of your business credit building process:

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