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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Funnelback work for multilingual search?

Funnelback offers broad support for multilingual searches regardless of the query language. If a search user enters a keyword in a specific language, documents that match that language will return. For a full list of supported languages, visit our documentation. Funnelback supports the internalization and localization of search pages.

What do you need to know about Funnelback templates?

Funnelback leverages decades of experience transforming the user experience across key industries like Higher Education, Finance, Government and Associations. Funnelback templates (such as Program Finder) include the most requested and highest quality features for your organization.

How are search indexes updated in Funnelback cloud?

Funnelback’s cloud service allows for a dynamic crawl schedule set by you. Search indexes are usually updated based on consideration of their last update time and size. This ensures that indexes are updated as frequently and as efficiently as possible.

What can Funnelback do for your social media?

More than just plain links, you can choose embedded videos, social media posts, autofill-as-you-type, and a fully flexible interface that can include tabs, filters and images. Store and serve customer data that delivers true personalization.

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