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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about Funnelback?

Funnelback is a search platform that provides companies with insight and auditing capabilities, and information searching tools. What is best? Funnelback is a search platform that provides insightful information for companys to be able to engage customers and make use of their assets and information architecture.

How does Funnelback work for multilingual search?

Funnelback offers broad support for multilingual searches regardless of the query language. If a search user enters a keyword in a specific language, documents that match that language will return. For a full list of supported languages, visit our documentation. Funnelback supports the internalization and localization of search pages.

How are search indexes updated in Funnelback cloud?

Funnelback’s cloud service allows for a dynamic crawl schedule set by you. Search indexes are usually updated based on consideration of their last update time and size. This ensures that indexes are updated as frequently and as efficiently as possible.

What are the features of Funnelback for SEO?

Its auditing capabilities allow for compliance and accessibility of data and can be utilized to engage and retain customers. All visible information of the company is accurate and correct with the use of its Content Auditor feature. It also provides with SEO optimization features for website strategies and searches.

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