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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an employee furlough and how does it work?

An employee furlough is a mandatory suspension from work without pay. It can be as brief or as long as the employer wants during the coronavirus pandemic. While some are able to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, other people simply don't have jobs that allow for that.

What happens to my work account if I am furloughed?

If an hourly employee works while on furlough the employer must pay them for the time worked. As a result, furloughed employees typically have access to work accounts and devices revoked.

Do furloughed workers get paid during a government shutdown?

Government Pay During a Furlough Furloughed employees have no automatic right to payment, however, historically Congress has paid all federal workers for the time they lost during a shutdown.

Do wage and hour laws restrict furloughs?

Do Wage and Hour Laws Restrict Furloughs? Under federal wage and hour laws, employers may typically cut an employee’s hours or pay, as long as the employee still receives at least minimum wage for the hours actually worked. So furloughs don't present wage and hour issues for most employees.

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