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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to employee benefits during a furlough?

Generally, you'll continue to accrue any sick days or other paid time off that your employer normally provides while you're on furlough. Many employers also continue to provide benefits like health and life insurance for furloughed employees.

What is furlough and what are employee rights during one?

Often, a furlough is similar to a layoff. Although the employer plans to bring back its employees once conditions change (or at a certain time of year, in the case of seasonal work), the furloughed employees generally have the same rights as laid off workers, including the right to unemployment benefits.

Is furlough a termination of employment?

Furloughs are time off from work without pay, such as a temporary reduction in an employee's days or hours of work. Furloughs are different from layoffs or terminations. During furloughs, workers remain employed and sometimes work a reduced schedule. Layoffs or terminations involve a separation from employment.

Is a work furlough a violation of an employment contract?

Whether a work furlough is a violation of an employment contract probably depends on the contents of the individual contract. However, generally speaking, it may be possible to show a breach of the employment contract by looking at the salary figure.

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