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Frequently Asked Questions

Are furloughs eligible for unemployment?

Furloughed workers are eligible to apply for unemployment in the state in which they are assigned to work. They will be asked to provide proof of wages. Employees who are furloughed (not working) are generally eligible for benefits, so long as all other state eligibility factors are met.

Can furloughed employees keep benefits?

A furlough is usually temporary and allows an employee to continue to work on a regular basis, although at a reduced schedule. Generally, employees on furlough continue to accrue vacation days and sick days, if offered by their employers. They also continue to receive other benefits, such as health insurance.

What does work furlough mean?

Work Furlough Law and Legal Definition. Work Furlough is a correctional program which allows prison inmates usually, who are nearing discharge, to leave the institution for the purpose of continuing regular employment during the daytime but returning to confinement on nights and weekends.

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