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Frequently Asked Questions

Do furlough employees get paid?

Most of the time, employees who are furloughed and who are not being paid can file for unemployment. Another way some employees who are furloughed can receive payment is by using their paid vacation time if they have it through their job. That can provide furloughed employees with some, or all. of their pay throughout some of the furlough.

Can furloughed employees keep benefits?

A furlough is usually temporary and allows an employee to continue to work on a regular basis, although at a reduced schedule. Generally, employees on furlough continue to accrue vacation days and sick days, if offered by their employers. They also continue to receive other benefits, such as health insurance.

Are furloughed employees paid?

Furloughed employees have no automatic right to payment , however, historically Congress has paid all federal workers for the time they lost during a shutdown. While Congress has passed no law assuring workers of their back pay from 2018-19, leadership from both the Democratic and the Republican parties have indicated that they will do so.

How long can a company furlough an employee?

Furloughs can last for up to six months before a company is required to decide if a worker is returning or not. This means there is a chance of economic exposure pending how long the furlough lasts.

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