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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hospitals furloughing employees for 90 days?

Citing a financial toll from the COVID-19 pandemic, Harlingen, Texas-based Valley Baptist Medical Center plans to furlough an undisclosed number of employees for 90 days, according to The Valley Morning Star. 4. Bristol (Conn.) Hospital has furloughed 103 employees and cut hours of about 200 staff members, according to the CT Mirror.

What happens to your health insurance during a furlough?

Generally, you’ll continue to accrue any sick days or other paid time off that your employer normally provides while you’re on furlough. Many employers also continue to provide benefits like health and life insurance for furloughed employees.

What happens to furloughed workers when they return to work?

After the furlough ends and workers resume their jobs, they'll also typically start back at the same income and job position as before they were furloughed. By comparison, a laid off worker may receive some severance pay from their former employer, but otherwise the company will cease paying them. Can furloughed workers collect unemployment?

Why are so many people being furloughed right now?

(CNN) Companies are furloughing thousands of workers due to the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. Many of us are now WFH. Here's how to ask for the schedule you need

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