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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Gabrielle's Angel Foundation do for cancer patients?

The Foundation funds innovative clinical or basic science research that will lead to novel therapeutic approaches that could replace, or be used in combination with existing effective therapies for patients with leukemia and lymphoma. Such therapeutic approaches could include alternative or complementary medicine.

What does the home Angell Foundation stand for?

We are passionate advocates with a steadfast commitment to creating a more equitable world. We approach grantmaking with compassion and the belief that every person deserves the chance to reach their full potential. We strive to fund projects across three issue areas.

How old was Gabrielle Union when she met her husband?

In the summer of 1991, she moved to New York and joined the NYU intensive film program where she met her future husband, Philip Aouad. At the tender age of 23, she was diagnosed with advanced stage Hodgkin’s disease.

Where did Gabrielle from The Hunger Games go to college?

She graduated with honors from Oxford University in England, earning her B.A. in philosophy and modern languages. Fluent in five languages, Gabrielle was a champion skier, an expert in horseback riding and a skilled rock mountain climber.

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