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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the level 1's in gacha cringe?

Level 1s are usually hated by every level above them, and are often posted in r/GachaLifeCringe. Level 0-1s generally make up 99% of the sub’s content, AKA the basis of the sub, and is what spawned the creation of r/GachaLifeCringe. Basically jellos fans. People who generally like or use Gacha, but do not like the bad side of it.

Who are people who don't know what gacha is?

People who have no idea what Gacha or Lunime is, or just don’t care at all. Users in this category are generally everyone outside GLC or the Gacha community. People who create Gacha porn, Gacha gore videos, or other horrific/pornographic/violent content. Level 0s are universally despised by Level 2s and up.

Who is the creator of the gacha club?

Gacha Club was created by Lunime and is now available for Android, iOS and P.C. It is the game after ‘Gacha Life’ which is infamous for sexual and toxic content. Also, this is NOT a gacha hate subreddit, so do not hate on the entire fandom, just the toxic sides of it.

Who are the level 4s in gacha life?

Level 4s hate all Gacha content, but do not harass people. Level 4s usually consist of longtime users that were around before Gacha users started widely participating in the community. Level 4 GLC users comprised most of the people who were angry when Gacha users started widely using the sub.

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