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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a "gale warning" mean?

A gale warning is an alert issued by national weather forecasting agencies around the world in an event that maritime locations currently or imminently experiencing winds of gale force on the Beaufort scale.

What is a weather gale warning?

A gale warning is a warning issued by weather services in maritime locations about the existence of winds of gale force or above or the imminent occurrence of gales at sea. The purpose of gale warnings is to allow mariners to take precautionary actions to ensure their safety at sea.

What is the definition of gale winds?

Definition of 'gale-force wind'. gale-force wind in British. (ˈɡeɪlˌfɔːs wɪnd) noun. meteorology. a wind of force seven to ten on the Beaufort scale or from 45 to 90 kilometres per hour. bad weather with heavy rain and gale-force winds of up to seventy miles per hour.

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