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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best gamebook series?

This is a list of gamebook series and individual gamebooks ( Choose Your Own Adventure type books). Autumn Snow, written by Martin Charbonneau and Joe Dever (3 books advertised but only 1 published) Battleground General, written by Alistair Smith, Jon Sutherland and Diane Canwell (2 books)

What is an adventure gamebook?

The third type is the adventure gamebook (examples of these are the Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf series of gamebooks), which combines the branching-plot novel with a simple role-playing system unique to the book (or series). In all gamebooks, the story is presented as a series of text sections.

Where can I buy gamebooks online?

Demian's Gamebook Web Page - the best gamebooks site on the Internet, bar none. Demian's site features a comprehensive database of gamebooks, reviews, gallery, and many more. - a wonderful on-line store that sells nothing but gamebooks. Here, you can find many series, including rare classics such as Zork gamebook.

What is the difference between a gamebook and a book?

Many of the books have more experimental, unconventional plots than the average gamebook, and the entire series contains no random elements at all. At the start of each book, the reader picks a character from a list of pregenerated options. Characters consist of a list of skills, a number of Life Points and a list of equipment and money.

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