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Frequently Asked Questions

What to eat on a game day?

Carbohydrates fuel the muscles and are good to eat about one to three hours before a game or practice, says Stiene. Good foods to eat before a game include breads, cereals, pasta, fruits, grains, juices, yogurt, milk and sports drinks. Before a game, your child should eat mainly carbs.

What to serve on game day?

What to Serve on Game Day. • For a tortilla-free nacho experience, try nacho-stuffed peppers instead. Start with bell pepper halves that have been seeded and blanched until slightly softened, and stuff with your favorite nacho toppings—black beans, fat-free refried beans, or taco-spiced, cooked ground turkey.

What is game days?

Games Day is a yearly run gaming convention sponsored by Games Workshop. It was started in 1975, after another games convention scheduled for August that year cancelled. Games Workshop decided to fill the resulting gap by running a gaming day of their own.

What is the game days gone?

Days Gone is an action-adventure survival horror game set in a post-apocalyptic open world, played from a third-person perspective. The player controls Deacon St. John (Sam Witwer), a former outlaw-turned drifter and bounty hunter who prefers life on the road to wilderness encampments.

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