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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you conduct a gap analysis?

To conduct a gap analysis, follow these steps: Define goals and the competencies required to meet those goals. Collect information through observation, interviews, surveys, and assessments. Analyze the results. When you compare the competencies you defined in #1 to the data you collected in #2, you’ll find your gaps.

What do we mean by gap analysis?

A gap analysis is the means by which a company can recognize its current state-by measuring time, money, and labor-and compare it to its target state. By defining and analyzing these gaps, the management team can create an action plan to move the organization forward and fill in the performance gaps.

What are the different gap analysis models?

Gap analysis models help a company determine the difference or distance between what they do currently and the maximum potential. Different analysis models include usage, market potential, and product gaps. Companies often look at this process in terms of efficiency or where the business fails to meet its maximum opportunity levels.

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