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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the lead singer of Gap Band?

‘Charlie, Last Name Wilson’ — a legend with plenty more to say. The lead singer of the Gap Band, Charlie Wilson, has experienced many highs and lows in the music industry throughout the years.

Who sings outstanding Gap Band?

"Outstanding" is a song originally performed by The Gap Band and written by member Raymond Calhoun. The song originally appeared on the group's platinum-selling 1982 album Gap Band IV. It is one of their signature songs and biggest hits, reaching the number one spot on the U.S. R&B Singles Chart in February 1983.

What is the definition of band gap?

Band gap. A band gap is the distance between the valence band of electrons and the conduction band. Essentially, the band gap represents the minimum energy that is required to excite an electron up to a state in the conduction band where it can participate in conduction.

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