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Frequently Asked Questions

What does gap mean in medical terms?

A gap is a shortfall between the amount that the medical scheme pays and the amount charged by health providers. And these include specialists, hospitals and pharmacies. The medical scheme member must pay the difference between the two.

What does gap stand for in insurance?

Gap stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection, and it kicks in when: An insured vehicle is stolen or totaled. The insured vehicle has comprehensive insurance coverage up to the car's cash value. The insured vehicle has paid for gap insurance.

What is another word for gap?

gap, crack(noun) a narrow opening. "he opened the window a crack". Synonyms: go, quip, cracking, fracture, whirl, fling, spread, sally, crack, crack cocaine, fissure, wisecrack, interruption, pass, break, tornado, cleft, offer, snap, crevice, chap, disruption, opening, cranny, scissure, col, shot.

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