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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the legal gap in law?

According to the first concept, legal gap refers to the lack of legal rules or, if there is a rule, there are gaps therein with regard to relations which come under legal regulation. In other words, legal gap as a conditio sine qua non, faces us with a relation, which is legally regulated and which demands legal provision.

How can the gap between law and law-creation be eliminated?

The general way to fill the gap is law-creation, which means that the official state or local self- government bodies, who have such capacity, adopt the missing legal provision, order, norm, and implement it. The gap can be eliminated through law-creation.

What is the “registration gap” and why does it matter?

The “registration gap”, the period of time between completion of a property disposition and the subsequent registration of the transaction at the Land Registry, is becoming an increasing problem, as it is taking longer to complete less straightforward registrations.

What is a gap in the law in the Soviet Union?

Gaps in the Law. Gaps in Soviet law are related primarily to the fact that a certain part of legislation lags behind the rapidly developing Soviet society. A court—or any other body that executes the law— cannot, upon finding a gap when applying a law, fill the gap itself; it must make a to a legislative body regarding the issuance...

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