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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by the term 'academic gap'?

academic gap means anything that is taking more than usual time.. 1) time gap of more than 2 years between ur 10th and 12th passing years.. 3) non-completion of ur engineering within 4 years.. in all such cases..ur time is exceeding from the usual time expected so this is called a gap of academics..

What does gap mean in 10th and 12th?

Gap is not related with 10th or 12th,my lots of frnd is wrkng in wipro,they told me that gap is only means your B.Tech,how many yr u have completed carrer,so every one relax,myself have 3 yrs gap betwn 12 and engg,so i am eligible,and i am appearing in aptitude test,so frnds all the very best. Re: What does gap in academics mean?

What is a gap year in high school?

A gap year is usually understood as a year taken off academic work to pursue other interests, e.g. travel or employment. Often this occurs at the end of high school (12th year) but it could happen at any time.

What is the meaning of the Tamil word 'Ammaa'?

In Tamil, you can address any woman apart from your mother as “ammaa” out of regard, affection, concern etc. In situations where someone who is older addresses a younger female as ammaa, it is understood to be a term of endearment and the formal meaning of the word does not apply there.

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