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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you eat on the gaps intro diet?

Meat on GAPS is eaten often, and meat stock is a daily requirement on the GAPS diet. Animal fats are allowed as well, as long as they are pure fat without additives or hydroginated oils. Non starchy vegetables (potatoes, sweet potatoes, and corn are not allowed) are allowed on GAPS and are another staple.

Should you do the GAPS Diet?

The GAPS Diet is a much better approach to candida . Yes, it contains natural sugars from fruit and honey, but these sugars, as well as the nutrients in fruit, are important to nourish the body. By fixing your leaky gut with GAPS, you will be able to enjoy natural sugars while eliminating a chronic candida infection.

Are bananas allowed on the gaps and ScD diets?

Simple sugars absorb quickly and do not give the pathogens a chance to feed. Ripe fruit is allowed on GAPS and SCD, though if you are doing the ketogenic version of the GAPS Diet you will want to avoid bananas for the most part , as they are high in carbs.

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