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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the CME gateway work?

A gateway user's member ID is then used to collect and aggregate CME data from participating organizations to generate online reports. Register with any of the CME Gateway participating organizations by inputting your username and password for each participating organization.

Why choose Ascension Columbia St Mary's - gateway?

In Southeast Wisconsin, Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Milwaukee - Gateway offers health care for every member of your family at all stages of life.

Is the CME Gateway a long-term storage facility?

The CME Gateway is not a long-term CME storage facility. Storage of CME credits remains in the control of each participating organization. Each organization shares only the data they wish to share. Join Now! • Start accessing your CME credits online!

What can Gateway do for You?

From daily tasks to gaming and everywhere between, Gateway has you covered for every job or leisure. Each model is built to support the creative and analytical lifestyles from office work to music production. Find out which model best fits your lifestyle and needs.

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