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Frequently Asked Questions

Why support gateways community services?

We cannot thank our supporters enough! Gateways Community Services believes that all people are of great value and strives to be innovative when providing quality supports needed for individuals to lead meaningful lives in their community.

Why choose Gateway Christian School?

Gateway Christian School was founded in 1978, and maintains “Model Status” with Accelerated Christian Education. We are honored to receive national accreditation through the National Association of Private Schools.

What is the gateways Autism Center?

The Gateways Autism Center focuses on providing services for individuals with a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum and/or a disability that impacts behavior. Our collaboartion with local vendors has helped to provide support for thousands of individuals this year.

What is gateways doing to support public health?

At Gateways, the health and well-being of our people is a paramount priority. We’re taking appropriate precautions, sharing relevant information, and monitoring public health notifications. Daily updates coming from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the NH Division of Public Health Services (DPHS).

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