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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the barrel on a Henry repeating shotgun?

Brass beads are standard, barrel lengths are 28” in the 12 and 26” in the other two for good reach in the field, with a 14” length of pull on all three.

What kind of birds can a Henry 12 gauge shoot?

The 12 and 20 gauge in both brass and steel ship with a Modified Choke using Rem-Choke style threads which delivers a versatile shooting pattern for shooting at 25-45 yards, ideal for squirrels, rabbits, pigeons, doves, partridges, grouse, pheasant and wild flushing quail at medium range.

Are there any new models of Henry rifles?

There are no New Models rifles in this caliber. There are no X Models rifles in this caliber. There are no Shotguns rifles in this caliber. There are no Single Shot Rifles rifles in this caliber.

Can a Henry Schein safety needle be used?

Henry Schein’s safety hypodermic needles are built with a bevel-up needle position, which allows a low-angel insertion. Each needle is ISO color coded, minimizing searching and time for use. Our sharp safety needles can be used single handedly and are compatible with all standard luer lock and luer slip-tip syringes.

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