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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a gauge chart in JavaScript?

The example below displays a basic gauge chart with default attributes. For more information about different added attributes check indicator tutorial.

How are gauges treated as components in HTML?

Canvas gauges provides a declarative way to injection gauges into HTML-page. Each gauge is a simply HTML canvas element. When the custom element obtains attribute “data-type” with one of “linear-gauge” or “radial-gauge” values, it automatically becomes treated as gauge component and is rendered correspondingly.

How to create a gauge chart in zingchart?

ZC. LICENSE = [ "569d52cefae586f634c54f86dc99e6a9", "b55b025e438fa8a98e32482b5f768ff5" ]; Note: See our Gauge Chart Gallery for inspiration on all the different gauge chart possibilities. Add a type attribute to your chart object and set the value to gauge.

Which is an example of a gauge chart?

The following examples include "steps" attribute shown as shading inside the radial arc, "delta" which is the difference of the value and goal (reference - value), and "threshold" to determine boundaries that visually alert you if the value cross a defined threshold. The following example shows how to style your gauge charts.

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