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Frequently Asked Questions

What gauge sheet metal should I use?

What gauge sheet metal should I use? Commonly used steel sheet metal ranges from 30 gauge to about 7 gauge. Gauge differs between ferrous (iron-based) metals and nonferrous metals such as aluminum or copper.

What is the standard metal stud gauge?

Standard lengths are 10′, 12′ and 14′. Other lengths available upon request. Conventional metal studs are available in 25, 22, 20, 18, and 16 gauge steel for your convenience (1-5/8″ available in 20, 22 and 25 gauge only). Structural studs are also available.

How do you measure metal thickness?

The most precise way to measure a metal’s thickness is to use a caliper. Calipers are hand tools designed to precisely measure the distance between two points. Just fit the two tips of the caliper around the metal you need to measure to determine its thickness.

What tool is used to measure metal thickness?

A sheet metal gauge tool is used to measure metal thickness, and show both the gauge number as well as the thickness of the metal in thousandths of an inch.

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