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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the color of the gauge cluster chosen?

The color was chosen to allow the driver to clearly see the instrument cluster, but also to be able to adjust to the darkness outside the vehicle quickly after looking up. The eye doesn't tire as quickly trying to read gauges illuminated with red-orange light, he said.

Why did Toyota choose the green gauge cluster?

The first is that the green color evokes a neutral emotional impression – it's a cool color, which distinguishes it from "warning" colors like red or yellow idiot lights. I find it fascinating that Toyota gave thought to how the color made drivers feel, rather than merely the physical effects of the light.

What do you need to know about the instrument cluster?

Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. The instrument cluster is a panel that houses all of the vehicle's gauges. This may include the speedometer and odometer, tachometer, fuel level, temperature, oil pressure, gauges and more.

What does the BMW X4 gauge cluster look like?

As I cursed my absent-mindedness, the X4 's automatic headlights kicked on and the gauges switched from primarily white illumination to the classic BMW orange-red color. I like this: the white is crisp and clear during the day, and at night the orange-red looks purposeful – like the inside of a submarine conning tower or a spy plane.

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