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Frequently Asked Questions

How many bulbs are in the gauge cluster?

Remove the gauge cluster and face it down to access the factory bulbs. There are seven orange bulb sockets and one gray bulb socket on the back side of the gauge cluster. Twist the sockets counterclockwise and pull them out.

What is a dashboard cluster?

An electronic instrument cluster utilizes digital gauges and is found in a vehicle's dashboard. A standard instrument cluster is the type of dash cluster that uses gauges with pointer needles to understand warning lights also known as "idiot lights.". With early versions offered only in high-end vehicles,...

What is an automotive instrument cluster?

The Instrument Cluster, which is a part of your car's dashboard, is a set of all the instrumentation installed in your vehicle. This includes the speedometer, fuel indicator, temperature gauge and odometer. The main function of the instrument cluster is to aggregate data from various parts of the vehicle to be used by the engine control unit (ECU).

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