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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you spell Gage or gauge?

Other Uses of Gage. Gage does have a few other uses. The first is a shortened version of the word greengage, which is a variety of fruit. The second is as a variant spelling of the word gauge, although it is not advisable to use gage this way. Gauge is the preferred spelling to mean measure (see below).

Which is correct Gage or gauge?

• Though there are people who use the spelling gage for a measuring instrument, the correct word is gauge that is used both as a noun as well as verb. • There are other meanings of gage, and it can be a spelling variant of gauge, as well. • Gage is a root in many English words such as engage, wage, and mortgage.

What does it mean to gauge someone?

A gauge of someone's feelings or a situation is a fact or event that can be used to judge them. The index is the government's chief gauge of future economic activity. A gauge is the distance between the two rails on a railway line.

What is the difference between gauge?

As nouns the difference between gage and gauge is that gage is something, such as a glove or other pledge, thrown down as a challenge to combat (now usually figurative) or gage can be a variety of plum while gauge is a measure; a standard of measure; an instrument to determine dimensions, distance, or capacity; a standard.

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