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Frequently Asked Questions

How to interpret gage R&R results?

Interpret the key results for Nested Gage R&R Study Step 1: Use the ANOVA table to identify significant factors and interactions Use the ANOVA table to identify which... Step 2: Assess the variation for each source of measurement error Use the variance components (VarComp) and... Step 3: Examine the ...

What is a gage R&R study?

Basic Definitions and Importance of Gage R&R. Gage R&R (G age R epeatability and R eproducibility) is the amount of measurement variation introduced by a measurement system, which consists of the measuring instrument itself and the individuals using the instrument. A Gage R&R study is a critical step in manufacturing Six Sigma projects,...

How many appraisers are needed for Gage R&R study?

A gage R&R study usually is performed using 2 to 3 appraisers and 5 to 10 parts. Each appraiser measures the parts multiple times. Two components are being examined: gage variation (repeatability) and appraiser variation (reproducibility). Repeatability is the "within appraiser" variation.

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