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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Class X Pin tolerance?

Class X Pin Gage Sets / Libraries. Class X Pin Gages have an allowed deviation of .00004" (tolerance limit), a geometry of .00002" (roundness limit), and a finish 4 micro-inch Ra. They are ideally suited for applications in which precision is critical. Class X Pin Gauge Sets can also be used for calibrating measuring equipment to ensure accuracy.

What is gauge tolerance?

Gage tolerance is the gage's increments of measure (also called resolution or discrimination). The AIAG guideline, called “The Rule of Tens", states that gage resolution should divide process tolerance into at least 10 parts. Your process tolerance is the allowed deviation from a target value...

What are gauge pins?

Definition of gauge pin. : a pin attached to the tympan of a platen press to hold the sheet and act as a feed guide.

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