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Frequently Asked Questions

How to interpret gage R&R results?

Interpret the key results for Nested Gage R&R Study Step 1: Use the ANOVA table to identify significant factors and interactions Use the ANOVA table to identify which... Step 2: Assess the variation for each source of measurement error Use the variance components (VarComp) and... Step 3: Examine the ...

What is a gage R&R study?

Basic Definitions and Importance of Gage R&R. Gage R&R (G age R epeatability and R eproducibility) is the amount of measurement variation introduced by a measurement system, which consists of the measuring instrument itself and the individuals using the instrument. A Gage R&R study is a critical step in manufacturing Six Sigma projects,...

What is gage study?

A Type 1 Gage Study is a relatively simple and quick check in which a calibrated reference part is measured many times within a short period of time to determine the bias and repeatability of a measurement system. This study should be done before a Gage R&R study.

What does Gage R?

Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (Gage R & R) is a methodology used to define the amount of variation in the measurement data due to the measurement system. It then compares measurement variation to the total variability observed, consequently defining the capability of the measurement system.

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