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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of gage R&R?

Definition of Gage R&R: Gage R&R, which stands for gage repeatability and reproducibility, is a statistical tool that measures the amount of variation in the measurement system arising from the measurement device and the people taking the measurement.

How do you calculate gauge R&R results?

In figure 1, data for a typical gauge R&R study has been entered into GAGEtrak software: There are three ways to calculate gauge R&R results. The most familiar method is not the best. The familiar method is called “average and range,” or “long AIAG.”

What is an O-gauge track?

Lionel O-Gauge track systems- which include O, O-27, and FasTrack® - all measure 1-¼” between the outer rails. Any O-Gauge car or locomotive can ride on Lionel O-Gauge track, as long as the curve track used on your layout can accommodate your particular cars (see Minimum Curve section – this text should link to a modal of Gauge size).

What does gauge mean in earrings?

Technically, the term “gauge” refers to the size to which the ear has been stretched. It can also refer to the size of the plug based on width. Knowing your gauge size is important when stretching up and changing jewellery.

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