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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best definition of a gauger?

Definition of gauger 1 : one that gauges 2 chiefly British : an exciseman who inspects dutiable bulk goods First Known Use of gauger

Where does the word gauge come from in English?

The noun gauge (also gage) appears in Middle English in 1332 in the compound noun gaugeman “official measurer.” A century later, in 1440, the verb gaugen (also gagen) appears, meaning “to measure (depth, length), measure out (a quantity), make an official measurement of (a container or its contents).”

How is the pressure read from a gauge?

The gauge is attached to the gas burner and the pressure is read by means of a scale attached to the gauge. It is the practice to gauge all such vessels, and to charge them according to their actual content. This fact alone would serve as a gauge of the wide interval between the civilizations of the west and...

What is the definition of a gauge shotgun?

1a : a measurement (as of linear dimension) according to some standard or system: such as. (1) : the distance between the rails of a railroad. (2) : the size of a shotgun barrel's inner diameter nominally expressed as the number of lead balls each just fitting that diameter required to make a pound a 12-gauge shotgun.

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