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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the name of Gary Gauger's parents?

Morris, otherwise known to everyone else as Morrie, and his wife Ruth, were Gary Gauger’s parents. They had a farm on Route 173 in Richmond Illinois. Morrie operated a motorcycle shop from this farm. He had many bikers stopping in and out, trying to find those rare parts that Morrie was known to find.

Where did Morrie and Ruth Gauger live in Richmond?

On April 8, 1993 Morrie and Ruth were murdered at their farm in Richmond. Their son Gary lived with them on the farm. He lived in a greenhouse, about 400 yards away from the house where his parents resided. The Gaugers would often go on their different routines and would see each other in the evenings for dinner.

Why was Gary Gauger sentenced to death row?

The lie detector test was inconclusive, probably due to the fact that Gary took the test within hours of finding out that his parents were killed. No murder weapon, or any other physical evidence of any kind. Gary Gauger was found guilty and was sentenced to death by Judge Henry L. Cowlin.

How old was Morrie Gauger when he died?

Morrie was 74 years old and at this time he farmed very little, and the motorcycle shop was open only a few days a week. His wife, Ruth, operated a little business of her own. She sold imported rugs in a little trailer on the farm. Ruth was 70 years old. On April 8, 1993 Morrie and Ruth were murdered at their farm in Richmond.

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