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Frequently Asked Questions

What was this gauge used for?

A gauge, in science and engineering, is a device used to make measurements or in order to display certain dimensional information. A wide variety of tools exist which serve such functions, ranging from simple pieces of material against which sizes can be measured to complex pieces of machinery.

What is a 12 AWG wire?

12 AWG gauge wires can handle up to 20 amps at 120 volts if one wire is white for the neutral return line. If neither of the two wires is white, being black. red, blue, or another color, each should carry one side of the 240 volts line. So even with only two wires, beware if you come across a circuit with a feed that doesn't have a white neutral present. 10 AWG gauge wires are for loads up to 30 amps, usually at 240 volts. Where the appliances they feed have internal circuitry running on ...

What is twelve gauge?

Gauge is determined from the weight of a solid sphere of lead that will fit the bore of the firearm and is expressed as the multiplicative inverse of the sphere's weight as a fraction of a pound, e.g., a one-twelfth pound lead ball fits a 12-gauge bore. Thus there are twelve 12-gauge balls per pound, etc.

What is Ruller guage?

A ruler, sometimes called a rule or line gauge, is a device used in geometry and technical drawing, as well as the engineering and construction industries, to measure distances or draw straight lines.

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