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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between earring and gauges?

The United States typically measures gauges in inches, unlike most other countries. In the U.S. an 18 gauge earring measures approximately 5/128-inch while a 16 gauge earring measures 3/64-inch , for a difference of 1/128-inch or approximately 0.0078 inches. Metric Gauge Conversion. Gauge sizes are more often listed in millimeters for a simpler measurement standard. An 18 gauge earring measures approximately 1.0 mm and a 16 gauge earring measures approximately 1.2 mm, for a difference of 0.2 mm.

What gauge are regular earrings?

Commercial earrings usually use 20 gauge (0.032", or 0.81mm) or 22gauge (0.0254", or 0.65mm). Occasionally 24 gauge ear wires (0.02", or 0.51mm) are also used for girls' jewelry or more delicate (and expensive) solid gold jewelry.

What size gauge are starter earrings?

16 gauge is a good starting point if you never wear earrings or if you have recently had them pierced and they are just healed up. 14 gauge is a good size to start if you have worn regular earrings daily for a long time.

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