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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best wire for jewelry making?

Thin Jewelry Wire. A thin wire, such as 26-gauge, is perfect for making small detailed pieces like chain loops and small wire-wrapped beads. Fine wire, such as 28-guage and 30-guage, is required for very delicate jewelry projects, such as wire weaving or tiny chains and beadwork. Use thin jewelry wire to make woven rings,...

What guage of wire should I use?

Use 24-gauge (0.51 mm) wire for most beading projects. The gauge fits through most beads but isn't too bulky. It has a tendency to get kinks so you may need to buy a wire-straightening tool. Use 22-gauge (0.64 mm) wire for stone settings, earrings and pendants.

Which wire gauge is the best for earring hooks?

21 gauge wires are by far the most versatile for earring hooks. This size is thick enough to carry heavier earrings; it is also thin enough to fit most ear holes, especially the smaller ones. Because the 21gauge is not a standard size of wire, you cannot easily find it in craft stores; you may need to order it online.

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