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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average size of a piercing?

The standard size of a piercing diameter is usually 14 gauge, but some even go with a 16 gauge at first and then upgrade to a 14 gauge after the piercing has healed. It is actually easier to heal if the piercings are first pierced with captive bead rings in the hole, until the piercings have healed.

What is the gauge size of a nose piercing?

let`s talk in detail about this. 20 Gauge- 20 G is about 0.8mm. ... 18 Gauge- It measures 0.1mm and is also used by piercers to pierce Nose and ears as well. 16 Gauge- It is a 1.3mm hollow needle. ... 14 Gauge- 14G is a 1.6 mm needle, this is what we use in Navel piercing/ Belly button Piercing. ... wanna try Hollow piercing needles, check the best recommendation of our readers.

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