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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Gage variant of the verb gauge?

The verb gauge, which refers to measuring or estimating, also has a variant gage. This variant appears to show up primarily in informal sources, though not often.

What is the kids definition of a gauge?

Kids Definition of gauge. 1 : a measurement (as the distance between the rails of a railroad or the size of a shotgun barrel's inner diameter) according to some standard a standard gauge railway 2 : an instrument for measuring, testing, or registering...

What are the numbers on a steel gauge chart?

The numbers of a steel gauge chart typically range between 3-30. Yet those numbers do not indicate a specific dimensional value. Standard gauge sizes were developed based on the weight of the sheet for a given material and the equivalent thicknesses differ for each gauge size.

What's the voltage drop on an American Wire Gauge?

This estimate is based on nick-free soft annealed Cu wire having a tensile strength of 37000 pounds per square inch. The following calculator calculates the voltage drop, and voltage at the end of the wire for American Wire Gauge from 4/0 AWG to 30 AWG, aluminum or copper wire.

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