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Frequently Asked Questions

What can GCC-H do for Microsoft 365?

This release brings data discovery, classification, and protection capabilities to government Microsoft 365 instances. GCC and GCC-H customers are now able to migrate sensitivity labels and label policies in the Azure Information Protection blade to the new label management portal, Microsoft 365 Compliance Center.

Is the Azure GCC high email address supported?

Additionally, NON-GCC High email addresses attached to user profiles are not supported and will not allow alert emails to be sent. For example, on premises User A is assigned a Gmail email address and then synced to an Azure GCC High organization.

What does GCC stand for in Microsoft cloud?

What is Microsoft GCC? GCC, Government Community Cloud, can essentially be thought of as a government focused copy of the commercial environment. It has many of the same features, but features data centers ONLY in the continental United States (CONUS), as mandated by FedRAMP Moderate.

Where do I Register my Azure Government application?

If you choose Azure AD Public identities for your Azure Government application, you must register the application in your Azure AD Public tenant. Otherwise, if you perform the app registration in the directory the subscription trusts (Azure Government) the intended set of users cannot authenticate.

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