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Frequently Asked Questions

How does paws work at Georgia State University?

Advisors use PAWS to view students’ academic evaluations and dashboard. If you are a newly admitted student at Georgia State University, please activate your Campus ID and set your password to create your PAWS account. Please allow 24 hours for your PAWS account to be created after you have activated your Campus ID.

When does the password for banner / paws expire?

(Banner/PAWS, Peoplesoft and GeorgiaView) Unify Authentication Passwords expire after 180 Days. If you are new to the system, Create Your Password Today is : July 18 2021

Is the Panther access to web services ( paws ) unavailable?

Due to system maintenance, student-related systems (Banner, PAWS, GoSOLAR, and Degree Works) will be unavailable on Friday, 7-9, from 6 PM to 11:59 PM. Panther Access to Web Services (PAWS) provides web access to student data for students, faculty, and advisors.

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