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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the password for unify expire in Georgia?

Username * Enter your Unify username. Password * Enter the password that accompanies your username. Technology Maintenance Hours 5 - 7 AM Mon - Sun Services may be unavailable during these times. USG Maintenance Hours 10 PM - 7 AM 1st & 3rd Fri (Banner/PAWS, Peoplesoft and GeorgiaView) Unify Authentication Passwords expire after 180 Days.

Where can I Find my unify username?

User account | Unify Skip to main content Unify Bringing IT All Together Main menu Start Here About Unify Unify Password Guide Campus Resources Student Information GC Signatures Forms MyPassword Unify-Alert You are here Home User account Username * Enter your Unify username. Password *

How does the Unify Project use central authentication?

The Unify Project uses Central Authentication Service (CAS) and other resources to allow you to access multiple password-protected web systems after logging in once. What is my username?

When do I pay for summer unify classes?

Payment for Summer 2021 classes is due in full by the first day of your first class. Summer session charges are combined and not billed separately for each term. The academic calendar for Summer can be viewed at Summer 2021 Academic Calendar.

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