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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good name for a cat with a gem?

With the popularity of the cartoon Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems and the reboot of the Sailor Moon anime, gem names are becoming a very trendy choice. As with flower names, you may want to keep symbolism in mind. Topaz would be good for a cat who makes you feel connected.

What are some cat names inspired by crystals?

Mystical Cat Names Inspired by Crystals 1 Jasper 2 Jet 3 Malachite 4 Amber 5 Onyx 6 Quartz 7 Crystal 8 Amethyst 9 Pearl 10 Garnet

What gemstones have cat's eyes?

Cat's-Eye Aquamarine: Rare translucent aquamarines are known to produce cat's-eyes, although the eyes are generally not very strong. This greenish blue stone is about 11 x 8 millimeters in size and was cut from material mined in Madagascar. Milk-and-Honey Chrysoberyl: Chrysoberyl is the gem that exhibits the finest cat's-eye.

What is a cat's-eye gemstone called?

When the name "cat's-eye" is used alone, it is understood that the speaker is referring to a cat's-eye chrysoberyl. When the speaker is referring to any other gem with a cat's-eye, the name of that gem is used after the words "cat's-eye." For example: "cat's-eye apatite."

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