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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good name for a gemstone?

Gemstone Names with Pictures - Click on any gem to get detailed information, prices, photos and videos. Alexandrite. Alexandrite Cats Eye. Almandine Garnet (Pyrope) Amber. Amethyst. Amethyst Cabochon. Ametrine. Ammolite.

What are the different types of gem stones?

INTRODUCTION Gem stones generally are divided into two categories: precious and semiprecious. A precious gem stone has beauty, durability, and rarity, whereas a semiprecious gem stone has only one or two of these qualities. The diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire are considered precious gems.

What is our gemstone Encyclopedia?

Our Gemstone Encyclopedia has information on over 300 gemstones, from traditional and popular jewelry standards to collector’s stones that rarely appear for sale. Each entry has photos and detailed information about the gem’s properties.

What is the name of the 24 gemstones?

List of 24 Gemstones with Names, Pictures, and Colors. 1 1. ALEXANDRITE. If you like magic, specifically the magic of science, you'll like Alexandrite, the color-change treasure. Outside in daylight, it is a ... 2 2. AMETHYST. 3 3. AQUAMARINE. 4 4. CITRINE. 5 5. DIAMOND. More items

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