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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the soap opera General Hospital start?

General Hospital. In April 1, 1963 General Hospital was created. The show was credited for starting the trend of the 'supercouple' for all soaps. The storyline focuses on the trials and tribulations of hospital staff, mobsters and other residents of the fictional town of Port Charles.

Are there any General Hospital spoilers for September?

General Hospital spoilers show Gladys Corbin continues to make life miserable for everyone who crosses her path the week September 6–10…. General Hospital spoilers believe Jasper Jacks may discover Sonny Corinthos is alive and Jax may have a huge decision to make soon on GH….

Who is the girl on General Hospital now?

General Hospital’s Michael Corinthos Quartermaine has finally won the girl — Willow — and together they are raising little Wiley – a win, win if there ever was one. And actor C… GH fans are screaming for a Sonny and Carly reunion but it is not quite happening…yet.

Who are the main characters in General Hospital?

Now, the soap features the lives of the Quartermaine, Webber, Spencer, and Corinthos families, among others. Central in focus are Carly and Sonny Corinthos and his mob antics. But he hides behind the guise of a legit coffee importer. There’s also the romance and intrigues of the doctors and nurses at General Hospital.

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