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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the stock price of General Motors?

Churchill Capital IV (NYSE: CCIV), the special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC) set to merge with Lucid Motors, was down about 2.2%. Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) was down about 2.8%. General Motors (NYSE: GM) was down about 2.4%. Should Value Investors Buy General Motors Company (GM) Stock?

Why did General Motors decide to go public?

A longtime real estate investor and former Goldman Sachs executive decided to take an electric truck company public. Chaos ensued. The Biden administration had asked Mexico to review potential labor violations, citing conditions in the new North American trade agreement.

What was the income of General Motors in the first quarter?

GM Reports Income of $2.1 Billion and EBIT-Adj. of $2.3 Billion. DETROIT — General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) today reported solid first-quarter earnings. The company’s full-size truck launch is ahead of plan and drove strong pricing for the quarter in North America.

Where is General Motors headquarters in Detroit MI?

General Motors Company P.O. BOX 33170 Detroit, MI 48232-5170

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