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Frequently Asked Questions

Is General Motors a good investment?

General Motors Is Still A Good Investment. U.S. vehicle sales remain strong. Demand for domestic vehicles should be steady, provided that the U.S. dollar does not appreciate significantly against other major currencies. GM continues to enjoy a high demand for its pickup vehicles.

What is General Motors' bankruptcy means to investors?

General Motors' bankruptcy filing is particularly devastating for stock investors. Unless the government intervenes, current shareholders in GM will be wiped out; the stock becomes worthless because shareholders have no claims on GM assets in bankruptcy court.

Does GM pay a dividend?

General Motors (NYSE:GM) has been a dividend-paying company since 2014. Investors who have bought GM common stocks will receive quarterly dividend payments from the company. However, GM has temporarily suspended the dividends starting in 2Q 2020. Here is an excerpt extracted from GM's 2020 4Q annual filings regarding the dividends suspension:

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