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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Vanderbilt football cancel a game against Georgia?

NEWS The Vanderbilt at Georgia FB game of Dec. 19 is cancelled due to the Vanderbilt football squad size and position availability falling below roster minimum requirements. The game is declared a no-contest.

When is Vanderbilt’s game at Missouri?

The SEC also announced later Friday that the rescheduled game at Missouri is now set for Dec. 12. That became clear after the Vanderbilt game was scheduled for a week later. The Commodores had dealt with issues with roster numbers because of injuries, opt-outs and COVID-19 tests. The team was scheduled to travel by bus to Georgia on Friday morning.

What was the purpose of the Vanderbilt game?

The Vanderbilt game was to serve as Georgia's Senior Day. "Our program is an example of adhering to the protocol as directed," McGarity said.

Why did Vanderbilt's bye week move up?

The Commdores had to postpone a game with Missouri from October 17, but that game was made up last weekend. Florida was dealing with a COVID outbreak at the same time as Vanderbilt, causing the SEC to shuffle the schedule and move the Bulldogs' bye week up one week to October 24.

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