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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the exact location of the Getty Center?

/  34.01944°N 118.49833°W  / 34.01944; -118.49833 The Getty Center, in Los Angeles, California, is a campus of the Getty Museum and other programs of the Getty Trust. The $1.3 billion Center opened to the public on December 16, 1997 and is well known for its architecture, gardens, and views overlooking Los Angeles.

Is the Getty Center the best Museum in La?

While Greek and Roman antiquities are the focus of the collection at the Getty Villa, the Getty Center houses the Getty's collection of Western art from the Middle Ages to the present. The Getty Center is not just one of the top art museums in LA, but is also one of the best museums in Los Angeles overall.

Why is the Getty Center important to La?

The Center’s design included special provisions to address concerns regarding earthquakes and fires. LOS ANGELES — Since opening its doors in 1997, the Getty Center has welcomed more than 20 million visitors and become a cultural destination that has played a key role in helping Los Angeles become an important leader in the arts.

How to get to the Getty Center by tram?

An automated three-car, cable-pulled hovertrain people mover, the " Getty Center Tram ", takes passengers between the parking garage at the bottom of the hill and the Museum at the top of the hill. Visitors typically arrive at a tram station in the arrival plaza located between the administrative buildings and the Museum entrance.

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